Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Self Evaluation III

I had eleven posts this period and commented on others blogs about once a week except for this last week where I commented on 7 or 8 posts. I didn't realize how far I was falling behind on the comments until I started writing this. My post for this evaluation period have been much more personable and I have let the reader see more of my life through my video posts and using myself as a guinea pig in my at home experiments. I was definitely pressed for time this semester so my blogs came in spurts when I had some downtime. I would have liked to spread those out a bit with more consistent posting.

I feel as if I now have more knowledge on different forms of communicating. Now when I communicate with others I actively think how should I change my style or approach to cater to this particular group. I no longer try to communicate with everyone the same way. I have a lot more fun communicating with people using the lower organs and cultivating dialog so I try to do so when acceptable.    

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